So I am new to here so I donno if someone has already posted a thread about this before.

um so I have had it about a year and a half it started acting up on me about 2 months ago where it would be playing music just fine off my ipod then when it would change to a new song it would play fine for about 5-10 second then it would try playing the song again and would keep repeating the first 10 seconds of the song over and over again it wouldnt skip to anouther song go back or pause for me the only thing I found to fix it was to go to the radio or turn of the deck and turn it back on then it would work fine.

It only did it once in a while so I didnt really care that much but the last few days it has been crapping out around 24 on the volume level if I turn it down it's fine. when i turn it back up it would be crystal clear for a few seconds then crap out again i have checked all the speaker wires etc I am not running any amps just two alpine type-S 6x9's in the rear and two pioneer 6 1/2's up front everything is new the wires everything im starting to think its the deck any help would be great cuz i normally run it higher then 24.
oh if this makes any differnce there all 3 way speakers.