Howdy Folks!

I just installed more of my system - I guess you could call it Phase II - Hertz HSK 165s, Sundown 100.4D and these are being run from an Alpine IDA-X100.

Let me say that I really like the X100 and have always liked Alpine HUs. I'm happy without physical media and keeping music on USB drives or our 80GB iPOD. I also dig on the customization/image options for these "multimedia" type HU.

I realized the X100 out of the box lacked some tuning options but I figured I would just eventually add on the PXA-H100 and I'm at that point, *but* I thought I might also consider a different HU. I also wanted to add a BT hands-free at some point.

My upsides on the X100 right now:

Fast iPOD access, good navigation
Uses internal Burr Brown 24bit DA
Can playback ALAC (lossless)


More money for better (needed) tuning
More money for BT
Slightly hard to read (it's in a convertible)

I don't _mind_ spending the extra money to upgrade the tuning (and later to add BT) but if a unit with this built in is cheaper and just as good (and potentially better), it might be worth a switch.

The one HU that seems to match much of the same functionality is the new Ken KIVs, the 700 and the model with BT the 900.

The display tech appears to be improved for visibility in direct sun (vs. the IDA). Is has 4v preouts, some extended tuning options, and with the KIV-900 BT right out of the box.

Anyone have any experience with the navigation and iPod interface? General thoughts about swapping out to a unit with more built in features vs. add on modules?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!