I have a bone to pick with pioneer on this one. I initially got this head unit in the excitement that it has BT, an external usb stick / IPod connector and the obligatory bells and whistles. I know there has been a lot of praise for this product and I myself enjoyed the product for just over 2 weeks until problems with bluetooth kicked in. In my opinion, this product is a hot seller as it has built in bluetooth as well as ipod connector. You don't find that in a lot of products. If only it had DAB, it would have been perfect. Anyways, the range of problems I have with this device are:

1. bluetooth keeps disconnecting.
2. bluetooth does not remember last device
3. bluetooth audio stopped working from day 5. I just cannot connect any device to the bluetooth audio any more (I hate that)

As you can see all my issues are related to bluetooth, which was the main reason I bought this head unit in the first place.

Now thats its been over a year and I have been cursing the unit and trying to figure out how to fix the bluetooth, firmware update, trying lots of mobile phone, pulling my hair out etc etc, I have now run out of warranty. When I initially contacted Pioneer inside the warranty period, they never responded. No one calls back, no one actually takes you seriously on the phone. This ****ed me off big time.

Regardless of the unit going out of warranty, I know I am still entitled to get the unit repaired/replaced/refunded by Pioneer.

I would like to take Pioneer up on this claim and get this stupid no good device fixed. I have the reciept and everything. The only thing is, I have called their support line in the UK a few times already. They always say someone will get in touch with me. No one ever does. How to I go about getting my point accross to these monkeys?