I'm having a major problem. Usually when I don't pay my bill, I get an email saying to pay it. Then, they send you a postcard saying to pay it. Whenever it gets to the email, I always pay...except this time, I never got an email OR a postcard!! I turned my car on yesterday to a "call xxx to subscribe" on my head unit.

I paid my bill online and that didn't make the message go away. I then 'resent' the activation to the receiver, and that didn't work. I called tech support and they can't figure it out.

I have a Pioneer DEH-P3700MP head unit with a SIR-PNR2 attached. I can't tune the head unit to 184. I can change the channel by choosing the presets I already had programmed, but when I attempt to seek a channel, it just goes to 000 and displays my ESN.

Has anybody ever run into this? Any ideas on how I can reset my radio? Starting to get a little frustrated because every search turns up with nada. I've attempted to look for any sort of "reset" type hole, but can't find anything on the head unit or the sir-pnr2. Does the 3700MP not have one? Is there anything I can do?

Thanks in advance...