Anyone with an AVIC u310bt???

I am thinking about purchasing an AVIC-u310bt. I am planning to use it primarily for the mileage tracking/drive reports. I cannot seem to find very detailed info on this feature. I have a few questions:

1) When "Track Log" is turned ON , will this setting remain ON, or will I have to turn it ON every time I restart my car?

2) I noticed in the Avic Feeds software Instructions that it notes "Only 10MB and 1000 entries of Lon/Lat information can be retreived". Roughly how much driving time does this ammount of data contain?

Basically, I am looking to have my receiver record every mile I drive, so I can export a report every Month (or week, if necessary) for reimbursement from my employer. Would the AVIC u310bt work for me?

If someone could send me an example of data exported from the unit for importing into the Avic Feeds program, I could also see how the program works.