New here!
I am putting my righteous ol' school system back together. My friend let me know that he had my Pioneer Premier KEX-M900 in perfect condition shoved in his closet but we can't find the fiber optic cable to the CD Changer. I also can't find the remote to the HU but that is not critical to the HU working I just want to find one

What I can't remember is...does the the CD changer have to have the fiber optic cable connected in order for it to work?
This is not the MBUS cable. It was a fiber optic cable that ran from the HU to the changer.

I obviously know that finding the fiber optic and the remote is going to be near impossible.

Pioneer do not stock the parts...can anyone suggest any place I can look to find the remote or maybe find the fiber optic cable?

I have found other remotes that look the same but do they work with different models?

Part # CXA3731