Hello. I am new to these forums. I recently purchased a Dual XD1222 about a month or so ago. I had somebody off of Craigslist. First off he did a horrible job on the install which I didn't realize at the time. For some reason when he installed it ( I have a 2002 ford focus), the unit just sits in the dash kit and it is not attached to anything. I can just pull the entire unit out.

Anyways, it was working for me just fine and a couple of days ago it just stopped working. I pulled it out and made sure all of the wires were connected. I noticed some were loose so i tightened them up and the unit powered on for about 2 seconds then shut off. Ever since then, I couldn't get it to turn on. I did notice that it was missing some of those yellow plastic things that cover up the wires. I went and bought some at autzone. I also checked the fuse and I didn't notice that it was broken so I am assuming the fuse was fine. I made sure all of the wires were connected and everything I got nothing. I. was wondering if anybody could help me out.

Thanks, Jon