hello, i know this is a really old unit, but my main problem is that i can't buy the cda-117 cuz i need amber illum. the european versions are really expensive. so buying a 9886ri is kindda hard for me.
i had for around 8 years a cda-7894, sounded great and looked great. it had 4v P.O amber illum, 3 pre outs i'm ussing a era-g320 si i don't really use the eq on the HU

If i could read my 1st gen iphone on it or haave usb it will be the one for me.

since i can't

i'm thinking about the 9887, it has no usb but has everything else.

What i need to know is:
1 does it work with an iphone 2g?
2 will it charge it?