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Reload Thread: Pioneer DEH-P7100BT vs Alpine CDA-9886

  1. Pioneer DEH-P7100BT vs Alpine CDA-9886


    I'm deciding between these two for my daily driver. I'm not a hardcore audio user but do like to have a good amount of EQ settings. They both have USB inputs which was one of the reasons why I want a new receiver. I'm running a 4-ch to the speakers and separate amp to a single MB Quart 12". Pros and cons of both units?

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    Re: Pioneer DEH-P7100BT vs Alpine CDA-9886

    Pioneer Reviews from the sonic website........

    The Alpine seems have only a 5 band eq compared to a 7 for the Pioneer. Both seem good values.

    Review written by Jesse from Orange, CA
    I have had the deck for about a week and a half. So far so good. I would reccomend it for someone who is on the fence about it like i was. Its worth it with a few minor cons.

    - Bluetooth works GREAT! Phone integration and Voice commands are awesome. Been told i sound crystal clear.

    - Ipod integration is awesome and the best part, it charges!

    - A2DP works great

    - Setup was easy. Mic cable was easy to route and setup. Also came with a USB extender that was long enough to run to my console between my seats.

    - No buttons for presets, you'll have to push the main knob up and down.

    - Knob is flimsy and can easily push in the wrong direction.

    - 7 band EQ isnt too bad, but i came from an older pioneer model with a 13 band EQ. Just a little personal con for me

    -The text is a little small. Especially the clock

    Review written by Roger from Manhattan, KS
    The good:

    Best sounding yet, low distortion and very quiet amps. Some older Pioneers I've had produced substantial hiss at low levels. That problem seems to have been solved in this series.

    The BT phone interface works well. "Call" voice recognition uses your phone contact list and MUST be uploaded to the HU to function. "Dial" VR refers to direct number inputting which is not ready for prime time, IMO.

    Pioneer now allows their DSP audio enhancer to be used on both CD's AND USB inputs. This makes a huge difference in sound and I highly recommend it.

    This is the first Pioneer radio to have RDS in a long time. That feature is buried deep in the literature and is called iTaging for iPod's, however it will display FM radio RDS text as well.

    Speaking of tuners...both the AM and FM band are fairly selective and have decent sensitivity. Some non-Pioneer units I've tried had very poor tuners, it was clear radio was low on the list.

    The bad:

    As usual, the clock is way to small to be of any real value and the sterile blue display easily gets washed out in bright light. Pioneer should remove those old stale background movies and devote that processing power to some more useful a BIG time display! Software can be user updated so perhaps that weakness may be addressed in a future upgrade...Pioneer, are you listening?

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    Re: Pioneer DEH-P7100BT vs Alpine CDA-9886

    Well I have the Premier 710 (which is up for sale) And i luv it. Go with the Premier u can get mains if u wan it, just PM me!!!
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    Re: Pioneer DEH-P7100BT vs Alpine CDA-9886

    If it helps tilt the balance any the 9886 has a built in 5 band but it must be 'unlocked' with IMPRINT. In basic form it is a 2 band parametric.

    Re: whats some good components?

    Originally Posted by deathpenalty18
    Not an sq set up just want good sq speakers and tweets not interested in mids! And my sub is a fcking ia dp 18 with a memphis 4kw

    Originally Posted by x1le
    mids ARE speakers.

    A component set = pair of midwoofer's and a pair of tweeter's

    and nobody cares what your sub is.

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