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    RCA preout question?

    Hey guys.. How exactly do RCA preouts work with a headunit that only has 2 sets of preouts?? I'm looking to install 2 amps, a 4ch for the front/rear speakers and mono for a pair of subs. I'm looking into the Clarion CX609, it has preouts labeled, Front, Rear/SW.

    Question: If I hook up the 4ch amp to the Front preouts and the mono sub amp to the rear, will I still be able to fade the rear speakers from the headunit, or will that control/fade the subwoofers? What are my options for wiring everything up to the source? Would I be better looking for a 6ch headunit?

    btw.. I'm really set on the Clarion CX609, simply for the design and display.. it looks like a stock double din source, and allows me to adjust the color of the display/buttons.. I drive a Ford, so all my buttons in the truck are mostly green.

    look here for an idea what I'm looking for >>>

    I'm willing to consider other headunits just so long as they can be able to have green lights.. lol but I don't want or need a DVD/GPS capable headunit.

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    Re: RCA preout question?

    On that head unit it will have a setting for using the rear preouts as REAR or SUB which is non-fading. Just choose the SUB/non fading setting.

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    Re: RCA preout question?

    To answer, yes you COULD fade but it would have to be done at the amp (gains). Because you only have 4 channels, you would most likey hook up 1& 2 to the front and 3 & 4 to the sub (set as Non Fading). THEN take 1 & 2 and Y split them at the amp to get full use of your four channel. If you want to fade at the Deck you'll have to find a better option. (OR if you'll only be fading 1 direction you could use that signal to Y split to the mono amp. OR if your mono amp has preout, send that preout back to the four channel to which ever direction you won't be fading)

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