Hey Guys. I have reviewed a lot of the messages in this section of the forum and there are a lot of "Which Headunit Should I Purchase?" questions. Of course everyone is looking for the best quality, performance, functionality, support, & warranty.

This unit is a very good deal: http://www.google.com/base/a/5767663...23247155570654

It has nearly every option and function you could need, very high quality, & great warranty. I have personally installed over 200 of these head units, with nothing but positive feedback from customers. I have yet to see a defective unit or DOA unit either. Bottom line, this unit will out perform a lot of the more expensive pieces and you will be pleased with the quality/experience.

Hopefully this sums up a few of the "Which Headunit Should I Purchase?" questions. You will be pleased with this purchase for your installation. Simply trying to help, good luck to everyone in their search!