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    your opinon

    I need a new H/U as one of the last pieces of my new build... so I am debating with what new h/u i will be ordering this next week, so I figured I would see if anyone wanted to gimme there 2 cents. I dont want anything to fancy at the moment (ie touchscreen)...

    right now I am debating between:

    1. alpine 9886:

    I am partial to alpine because I have used only alpines before and I am comfortable with them.

    2. eclipse 5030:

    I haven't used eclipses but I have always been a lil curious to try one.

    lemme know what other suggestions you may have. I am looking in the 3-400 shipped range

    -Head Unit: Alpine-9886
    -Front Stage: 1 set of: DDA-W6.5's, DDA-W5.2's, and 3 sets of DD-T28's
    -Amps: 2x DDc4a's and 1x DD-C2b
    -Subs: 4x DD-3515E powered by 2x DD M4 -- giving me over 10kwrms... 154+ @ 24 Hz
    -Alternator: Stock 130a + 2 x 260a @ 15v Ohio Gen
    -Batteries: Batcap 3000 in front & 8400 + 4000 in back
    Refs: Alan Dante, Thilo Stompler, Nomad40, 2000LaDe, xplicitACTS, sundownz, djman37, Hoss, SPL140.2, bmxbikes, casper97ta, SkatinBassPLaya, Bibby, SeanDub, hazardous0388, Trunk_Monsta
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    Re: your opinon

    Hi. I have personally used and installed that Eclipse head unit and other Alpine units.
    I would suggest the Eclipse unit out of those two options. I have been pleased with the
    Eclipse quality which is far superior to Alpine.
    I personally would actually recommend a high end Kenwood unit for that price range though... You will get more product for your buck, better customer support, better functionality, & better quality. Let me know if I can be of any additional help, shoot me an email.

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