I'd like some assistance from those who either have the H701 or can interpret whatever I seem to be too stupid to understand... lol

1. If i am using the H701 with my W505, Can i still take advantage of Imprint?

2. What the hell is the difference between Time Correction (TCR) and Bass Focus?? They both interact and affect one another but how?

3. If i start messing around with the Dolby Surround (pro-logic II) controls on the H701, does that only affect movies watched via DVD? or will it also affect when i listed to my Ipod?

4. Achieving powerful high volume sound -- You can either select Standard or Maximum... Which one is the optimal setting?
STANDARD: For powerful sound at regular volume levels
MAXIMUM: For powerful sound at high volumes

5. Linear PCM setting: 2 or 3 channels? I'm not using a center, so I assume i should use the 2 channel PCM mode. Just want to confirm

Thanks to those who are willing to assist and put me back on the right path.