I recently added two subs to my not-even-registered-on-the-scale-budget build in my crown vic.

Before I had 1 15" in a sealed box (seemed as loud, everything vibrated about the same) and a 12" in a sealed box (definatley not as loud or as much vibration)

all of my subwoofer setups were off the same amp, with the same wiring, with the same deck

Running full tilt with my 350 raging watts of power, I get a 13.8 at the amp and battery, so Im going to rule out voltage drop. I did remove the deck from the dash and play it, didnt skip but got ungodly hot

Now though, when I try to turn my stereo up to above a normal volume my CD player skips. I know I've seen cars doing 150+ with a cd deck and know for a fact that my stereo might strugle putting up over a 120. What did I do wrong.

If I hit a bump in the road or railroad tracks it doesnt skip (usually)

I might go ahead and get a video together of what happens.

any suggestions?