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Reload Thread: *budget* double din/flip-outs

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    *budget* double din/flip-outs

    So I know very little about double dins and flip-out units, and my cousin is looking for one for his 99 S-10 pickup. I've always said keep it simple and look for alpine, pioneer or eclipse units (usually referring to single din units) or upper line JVC and Kenwood, but do not know who makes solid double dins and flip outs. He really wanted a flip out dvd but most cost too much, he's looking to spend $200-300 (preferably new or something with a warranty). Can anyone recommend a good bang for buck unit in this price range? If anyone could provide links that would be awesome

    He found a few units made by Fahrenheit but I've never heard anything about these units... is the company solid or junk?

    Thanks in advanced for your time

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    Re: *budget* double din/flip-outs


    The good ones are atleast $300+ Most cant be had for less than $400 used. FAQ's TOS Agreement
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    Re: *budget* double din/flip-outs

    eonon is a base company that makes many flipouts for some of the cheaper brands (soundstream is one) and you dont pay for the name, you can find them on ebay, havnt used one myself so cant speak for quality but if they are making them for those companies then i guess they are ok, I want to try one in the future

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    Re: *budget* double din/flip-outs

    I used to want a budget double din. Seems none of them are very good.

    In that price range though, I think they best would probably be the Clarion max385vd.

    Think that's the model number, can't remember quite exactly. Supposed to be decent, and they make a flipout version of it called the 485 too.

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