My Max budget for this is $450.

Looking for a Double Din Unit with these items

GPS Navigation (Hard Drive Based Preferably)
DVD Video Playback (not a requirement, but would be excellent to have)
Rearview Cam Input
Bluetooth built in
SD Card support (Or Ipod, 1 of the 2)
Ipod Support (Not a requirement but would be nice)
Subwoofer Out
and maby Video out for additional screens(optional)

I saw some really good Chinese/Hong Kong ones, but i dont know if i want to trust them. They had all the above plus TV tuner for 305$, the only downside was that the GPS maps were promotional and the subwoofer out was only 1 cable out, instead of 2 on most standard custom headunits.

I currently have a P3000IB Pioneer Headunit with the IPOD wire that i will be getting rid of after i purchase the new one. (So if anyone wants, hit me up and we can talk a deal)