I was looking at Nav HUs, mostly concerned about iPod integration, focused in on the Eclipse AVN726E and...

...found this in the manual (download at: http://www.eclipse-web.com/us/downlo...df/726ae99.pdf) under navigating file/song lists (on page 205):

"When the [up button] or [down button] appears, touch them to change the page of the music file list"

"You cannot operate the [up button] and [down button] switches when your car is running."

Safety restrictions wha-? So you or I might have 50 or 50,000 songs but from the first displayed list on our $1000+ HU we can choose only the first 8?

I called Fujitsu Ten/Eclipse and the tech guy confirmed it.

Anyone else encountered this? Anyone have a 726E who is experiencing this right now? The guy said it was industry-standard, so...

...anyone else have a similar restriction for which they have created a workaround?