Hi Folks,

I am looking for suggestions and feedback on what you have seen / used. My current system is weak in two areas and I am looking to upgrade.

Current System: Eclipse CD3200, Sirius (SC-C1), HD Radio (HDR105). Stock amplifier and speakers (Bose units) that came in the car.

First weakness is the HD radio does not do multicasting so I only get 1 digital channel per radio station. The local station I want to listen to puts the content I want on their second HD channel so a head unit that supports a multicasting capable HD input is required.

Second item is my eyesight is not so good anymore and I cannot read the display on the radio without putting on my reading glasses. Unfortunately I cannot drive with the reading glasses on so I cannot change stations or read programming notes or do much of anything with the radio except when stopped. To get around this I was thinking about one of the single din head units with a flip up touchscreen. Hopefully one with big text I can use for tuning. The other option would be simply something with bigger text on the display.

The local dealer wants to put me into a CD5030 and HDR109 to address the multicasting issue but this does nothing for my vision issue. The CD5030 and HDR109 will probably set me back $500.

Eclipse offers a DVD unit that does all of these things but the cost seems to be considerably higher than others that might also be capable of doing what I need. I was looking at the Eclipse AVX5000 and the HDR109. The AVX5000 + HDR109 will run around $1500. I do not need the DVD as I do not sit in the car with the parking brake engaged and there is no back seat (just a shelf area for the dog and she does not watch DVDs).

Any recommendations for a head unit with big text on the display or an alternative head with the touchscreen?

I am not trying to spend a bunch of money for little gain. My listening preferences seem to go to NPR and Fox News so good quality sound is nice but not paramount.