ok, so this is my situation... i currently have a system in my car, i have 4 door speakers, and tweeters (type r alpline) run by an alpine mrp 240. The subs i am using are 2 12" mtx terminators run by a direct d600 amp. I know i could spent a little more money on a better amp for the subs but they actually sound pretty good. NOW this is where i think my problem comes in, the head unit im using it a Panasonic CQ-HR1003U... here the link


my music doesnt go as loud as i feel it should be going. anywhere past about 2/3 volume it begins to sound like junk. Does anyone know much about this head unit?? do you guys think that this is my problem???? if so can someone steer me in the right direction for a top of the line head unit that will make my music sound better( i will be upgrading the satelite soon as well). i am looking to spend like 300 or less. I was looking at the dual dvd flip out but im sure that probably wont solve my problem. thanks for the help

ps all wiring is 8 guage wiring if that plays any factor...