If i get the smart remote for my 860mp would it really be fully functional in the sense i won't have to use the face plate buttons for anything or more specifically the right rotary command knob. I ask this because the plastic knob came off and i had a dumb idea to super glue it back in place. even though i only put a drop in the hole inside the plastic knob that the metal shaft goes into, the whole know wouldn't spin, move up, down, left, right or anything probally since the hu was just sitting in storage for a while. I kept twisting until the knob came off and had the dumber idea to try and free the shaft so it would at least move with a pair of grip pliers. I don't have to tell you what happened but bassically my right rotary command knob doesn't function and i would hate to quit using such a good cd player over something so trivial so i was wondering would the smart remote pioneer sells do all of the functions the rotary command knob before i order it