Newb with a long winded problem. If this isn't the correct forum, feel free to move it.

2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee, NON Infinity system.

I have a Sony CDX-GT410U head unit that is putting out little to no bass...even when I crank up the bass setting on the eq. I first noticed this problem when I swapped out my stock speakers for four Boston Acoustics S65...which sound great with the stock head unit. At the time of my swap, I had the Sony out of the Jeep and it was being repaired for a random shut off issue. With the stock RBK Jeep radio, the speakers sound great! The sound is full and the speakers put out bass. Not rattle the doors bass, but nice full sound.

When I got the Sony back, I installed it. No bass...the sound was pretty flat. At first, I thought something was out phase. However, the stock stereo sounded fine, so my logic was the wiring at the speakers was OK. I played with the ballance, issolated bass. I called up Crutchfield for some advice. We tried hooking up the blue remote wire on the Sony harness to a wire on the Crutchfield harness. That didn't work. I then redid all the harness wiring and purposely wired up the speakers out of difference. So I sent the unit back to Sony.

Sony called and e-mailed me yesterday requesting more information on the problem. They said that the unit is testing out just fine. I tried calling them, but the office was closed; so I sent them an e-mail.

Does anyone have any idea as to what could be wrong? I'm completely stumped on this. I understand the Sony unit I have isn't a top o' the line stereo, but I would think it would sound better than your basic Jeep/ChryCo OEM radio-CD player.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!