Well, the last time I was here was about two years ago! The guys in this forum were very helpful and I hope that I can get some quick help now too. I just have to ask those of you who don't know much about quality sound (if you have gold plated amps, etc), please keep in mind that I am somewhat older and don't care about that stuff. If you can't understand it, please don't respond to my thread...

Ok. So based on the recommendations I got in this forum about two years ago, this is what I have:

Amp: ZED Deuce (THE Best)
Amp: Boss to drive the sub (*****, but got it for free)
Front Speakers: Rainbow SLC (?)
Sub: Assassin 8"
HU: STOCK! (I know)

My car is 2007 Civic LX Coupe. Today I was driving and my Deuce suddenly turned off, so I don't have any sound in the front speakers now. I think the reason for this is that one of the wires must have been undone because the Deuce, which is screwed to the back sit from the trunk has become loose on one side and has moved. Additionally, one of the tweeters is hanging right near the brake pedal. The installers were supposed to be good, but apparently they didn't have enough experience with the new civic at the time since everything is coming loose now.

Since I have to go back, I want to go prepared to finish the installation. I am looking for a HU that is $200-300. This is what I need:
  1. High quality audio
  2. Hard Drive or USB input (preferable)
  3. Ability to play DVD audio (I don't care about DVD movies)
  4. Touch screen (preferable)
  5. HD Radio (preferable)
  6. Ability to display long file names (63 characters)

This list is not set in stone. The absolute requirement is the sound quality. The rest I can cope with if you guys think that I can't get what I need within my price range. Let me say it again that the sound quality is the most important thing - I listen mostly to classical music and the mid range response is very important. Playing MP3 CDs is a definite requirement of course, but the the hard drive or DVD audio playback can be interchangeable (don't have to have both).

If for some reason you think that there is nothing within my price range, please inform me about the more expensive HUs so that I can decide.

Another thing I need to get is an amp to drive my sub - need to get rid of the Boss. I think I need at least around 500W and I am looking at something that won't be more than around $100. Some people have suggested Hifonics, but those were $150. I am not sure if it's worth to pay that much just to drive a sub.

I would also like your take on the midbass. Should I connect them directly to the HU or should I get a dual channel amp so that I can connect to it the sub AND the midbass?

The other thing I am going to need is midbass (so far I have the crappy stock). I have heard some good things about Assassin's midbass speakers and am probably going to get those (I think $50 or so each). If you have alternative, low price suggestions, let me know.

I haven't read anything about new audio developments in a while, so I am not sure what's on the market. At circtuit city they still don't carry any audio;s with a hard drive. Don't know if that's the case online.

Finally, I live in LA county. Do you guys know any good installers here? I will probably go back to the same guys that did my car the first time so that they can fix their **** (this place was in Thousand Oaks), but I might look around for a good price. Do any of you install this stuff if I paid you?

Sorry for the long post. I hope I get some great feedback from the veterans here.