Im getting another car, and i need a new headunit.

Right now in my other car i run a 880prs with an 12" RE SX and alpine type R comps blah blah blah, it sounds really good though, IMO.


For the next one, im looking for something that might be a little cheaper, but price isnt a HUGE concern, then again im not looking for flip out head unit prices lol.

Im looking for something that (if possible) has time alignment, has pretty good SQ, but i dont need bluetooth or any of that crap.

It would be great if it had USB built in, but if not, does anyone know where to get a cheaper adapter to attach something thats not an iPod?

One last thing, my friend is getting into car audio, do you think that time alignment and all of that stuff can be skipped for a first system? I guess im so used to having it that im biased, but he doesnt want to spend more than 200 on a head unit lol.

Thanks alot!