I was thinking which headunit option would have the better sq? a Pioneer F700bt, Pioneer F-90bt or alpine IVA w205 or IVAw505 or piggybacking a F500bt on my current deh860mp? I know the last option would be the least seamless since i would have to install my ps2 for dvd playback but also the least expensive and i'm pretty sure my deh860mp would still kick all these a/v/nav units *** in the sq department (none can touch it as far as preamp voltage, has the ability to run active, more bands on the eq and the DAC is 24 bit burr brown) what i like about the pioneer f series units is that they have built in nav and you can control every thing with voice command but if i get a 700 series i have to deal with 2v rca out puts and the lowest line doesnt play dvds. What i like about the Alpine unit is that is seems like it will be closer to sq of the deh860mp and all you have to do is stick alpines blackhawk 2 portable nav unit for navigation unlike the non nav pioneer units like avh-4000dvd. thing i don't like is that you lose all of the voice control you get with the pioneer options