Hi guys I was hoping that some of you could help me with purchasing a new headunit. So I'll just throw down some specifications that I'm more focused on.

1. I'm buying from ebay or craigslist so $100-200 range is what I'm looking for.
2. It's all about sound quality so looks don't matter much
3. I want to hook this up to a siruis satellite dongle, so I need one that's compatible
4. I will hook up a subwoofer later on (most likely elemental designs, alpine type r, or perhaps you guys have some suggestions?)
5. I don't need ipod inputs, but a usb aux would be great.
6. A single CD player is fine (I don't really burn CD's or buy them)
7. I like somewhat brighter sounds

I currently have an Nissan Altima 2002 with the BOSE system, and like all of you I believe that BOSE is pretty poor sounding stuff (I'm an HT guy so I know some stuff).

Any help is really appreciated.