im kind of desperate.

I live in Europe, but (stupidly...) purchased an Alpine IDA X100 from the US.
Installed, all fine, but i discovered that the US version apparently does not have RDS tuning enabled: this means that i do not see names of the radio stations on the display, but only frequency.

1- Does anyone know whether there's some way to enable the RDS on a US unit? This is a standard feature on the X100 (Euro version), and on any radio for that matter.

Secondly, i have also the KCE-300 BT Bluetooth adapter. Paired my iPhone, and worked wonderfully. "Little" problem is, it looks like i have to re-do the pairing process every time i get into the vehicle: the iphone is not automatically recognized by the KCE. It is paired on the iphone, but it does not reconnect once i get off the vehicle. I have to unpair, pair again, and then it works (until i dont shut down...).

2- Anyone has advice on this?