Greetings. First post here for me, though it's hopefully a small one.

I have recently installed an Eclipse AVN2210P HU. Love the unit thus far, with one exception. I'm attempting to run my XM tuner (Audiovox XCS9 w/ car dock) into the Aux input on the HU. I sourced the proper cable for the Eclipse's Aux in, plugged it in, enabled the Aux input on the HU, but I can't get much, if anything through it. If I plug an iPod into the Aux connection, turn the iPod all the way up, and turn the HU's volume way up, I can get some audio. No such luck with the Audiovox unit. Anyone have any suggestions as to what the issue could be?

Other than that, I love the HU, and can't wait to finish my install (just need to hook the speakers to the amp, rather than just running front speakers off the HU). Love the iPod functionality, love the USB input, nav works like a dream, bluetooth for my phone works great. So, thanks for any help anyone can give.