I currently have an Alpine 9813. Love the unit, been great. When I run the unit I do so with the defeat option so there is no EQ or Media Expander option.

Been looking at the 9861, since I mamy want to add an external screen. I assume when if I got this, I would be giving up all options as far as EQ goes, unless I buy a 701 for a great deal of 500 bucks....

Or I may get the 9887. I really want my steering wheel controls back, and a better IPOD interface than just a cord hookup like the 9813. I know the 9861 does this as well, but the 9887 has a better EQ I assume? How does the EQ on the 9887 stack up to my current 9813? I know I do not use it now, but if i go active I obviuosly would use the HU EQ.

Thanks all