I got some advice from another car audio forum but currently it's down! I was hoping to make this purchase as late as tonight!
I would love to know some more about this CD changer.
It was determined that I can't do much about "console" where my radio is and everything. I have a 2000 Mercury Sable LS. The way the whole radio and dials are set up cannot be changed from what I understand.

Where I am left off is at this CD changer! I desperately need my music in my new-to-me car because I'm going crazy. I even bought a cheapo iPod thing that sounds horrible just to get me through.

Here is the CD changer in question:


I just want to know more about what an OEM is, and why this is a good choice for my car?
Does that mean it this CD changer may be more compatible with the way the audio is made up in my car since I'm choosing the CD changer that was made FOR my car, opposed to something else like Pioneer or Sony, or whatever else?

Should Best Buy or Circuit City be able to install this? I THINK my car is already wired for it... and I don't know what that would entail. I don't really know what I'll be looking for yet to determine that. Would this mean I may be able to figure it out? (I know nothing about cars)

But also, has anyone purchased from this site before?

Thanks so much!