I own a 2008 Tundra with JBl system 6 disc changer. I like the factory deck look but I have changed out most everything else. I would like to stay under $800.

SS kicker comps (2 sets)
Directed Mono amp 2400W
Orion 4 channel amp 800 W
2 Orion 12 in subs

The system seems as if it is not in sync. So I want to install a new DD HU. This is what is most important to me:
1) SQ for music
2) Dvd to watch ****...just kidding!
3) sound equalization so I could have better control (esp. bass)
4) Blue tooth
5) rear camera input
6) Nav.

I have looked at the following:
Panasonic CQ-VW100U No 24 bit and 2v pre output level ( Is 2v that bad?)
PANASONIC CN-NVD905U HDD Blue tooth separate
Kenwood DDX6019 Has 24 bit and subwoofer control (whatever that is exactly)
KENWOOD DNX7100 $900!!! + blue tooth!
Alpine IVA-W205 2v also vs others 5v. Does have lots of freq adjustments.....??
ECLIPSE AVN6620 Seems like a good package....???
Clarion MAX685BT Built in Blue tooth... cant find it for sale though???
Pioneer is too pricy for me
JVC KW-AVX710 Least expensive of all. No info on 24 bit.....?? GIGA MP3 Multi
JVC KW-AVX800 Good price

As you can see I have read this forum and have done much research. So any input would be appreciated! Thx!!