Well I just picked up a 1992 volvo 740 station wagon. I want to put my system in it (pheonix gold xenon 600.1 + eclipse 8812) It has an alpine something or another that would be great, but the tilt button doesnt work unless you hit that tiny reset button, then it doesnt return up, same with eject. So basically its a POS, radio randomly dies.

So what would be a good cheap radio with good preouts (can be used) also where is a good place to get some wires (rca and some 2 guage) along with a fuse and stuff. Its been a while since Ive had to do any of this and have forgotten where to get stuff (mainly because I lived in michigan at the time and now Im in sioux falls SD)


EDIT: If there are any that meet this criteria with a front AUX too that would be bad ***, but I could just get an adapter or something (I love my rio karma 20gb).