Currently I'm using the Alpine IVA-W200 for my head unit... I like it except for the fact that it has no in depth x-over or eq mainly just treble, bass, and a little rinky dink x-over that I feel doesn't do anything. So I've been kicking around a few options of mine. The 1st would be to get a PXA-H701 and have all the eq'ing and x-over abilites that I could ever need.... 2nd option sell my IVA-W200 and get the Pioneer DEH-P9800BT(which I can get for $319.00 from an auth dealer) and have all my eq and xover features built w/ money left in my pocket for more audio upgrades of course. The only reason I'm really leaning towards option 2 is because I started a new job that requires me to leave my car in various neighborhoods and I'm sure that my screen is gonna get yanked sooner or later b/c it just sitting there saying take me, atleast w/ the Pioneer I could take the faceplate with me. I just wanted some opinons on what to do... I like my in dash dvd player but the novelty has worn off, I don't even watch movies on it anymore so it not like I would lose anything going to in dash cd player. Any input is appreciated!!! Thx