Hi Everybody, this is my first post.

I wouldn't say I am a total enthusiast in the car audio world, but I do enjoy having good sound and I already have a Pioneer MP3 Deck in my car with a 12" subwoofer.

Recently, a friend of mine just bought a 1969 Corvette Stingray that was owned by a custom car builder. The Stingray was decked out with custom EVERYTHING including a Pioneer AVH-P6600DVD system. My friend is taking the corvette apart in every single piece to start from the frame up, and he really didnt care about the stereo because it "Broke" when it was in his posession before he took the car apart. According to him, the gear that moves the screen out of the unit is broken/stuck and wont move. Also, he says that a circuit board or power supply is busted and wont turn on anymore. Ive personally seen this unit work before it supposedly broke so i know it works, but in this case now that it doesnt he is too lazy to fix it, so he GAVE it to me.

Im a computer techician by trade so I think I have what it takes to find out what it takes to fix a unit like this. Im not an expert on this deck, but im wondering who is most qualified to fix a problem like this. I dont have the receipt for this unit, as it was taken out of a used car and given to me. Im obviously not going to try get this as under warranty from Pioneer, so would it be better to find a "Audio Electrician" and pay $25 just to get an estimate on this unit, or go to Pioneer and just pay what ever they want to fix the unit (I have no idea what to expect... Im sure parts arent THAT expensive..)

I have all the wires, control unit, remote control, the deck itself so I hope they dont suspect its stolen or something, which im not sure if they are going to care about or not, i dont see why they should considering its their own product and im willing to pay what it takes to fix it.

What would be everyones advice on how to fix this unit?

Thank you very much, have a good one!