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Reload Thread: Using iPod as HU

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    Using iPod as HU

    Is it possible to use a iPod as a head unit.

    You might ask why, well, it is going into a 1977 Dodge aspen which is used as a car for showing here around edmonton, therefore, keeping the stock unit is imperitive. I am looking to know if it possible to run a iPod as a HU, and amping all the speakers and the subs.

    How would this be possible?

    BTW, I did use the search and found nothing...

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    Re: Using iPod as HU

    yes it are going to have mess with input levels on the amp to compensate for the low input of the player.

    on my winter beater i have this connected between my sansa e280 and my "audiophile" crunch ds-504. at the amp i have splitter going from 2 - 4 so i can run all 4 channels of the amp. the amp is old, i don't have the option to choose my input source. some newer amps give the ability to only use 2 channel inputs and switch it to support 4 channels.

    at the end of the day considering the tin can mazda and the components used, it works and doesn't sound completely horrible.. good luck

    one more thing, i think ipod has a cable which utilizes the proprietary dock (opposed to the headphones jack) on one end with rca connectors on the other. using the dock port it said to give you a better signal compared to the headphones jack. don't ask me why.


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