I have a Kenwood Excelon X-689 head unit, running my front door speakers and subwoofer off a 4 channel amp, using the front and sub pre-outs. When playing music with a lot of bass, if the bass control on the h/u is turned up all the way and the volume is turned up past about 30/35, it will cut out and stop playing for a second, then continue. It does not turn off, it just freezes for a second or two, and if you turn the volume or subwoofer level down, it doesn't cut out. My gains on the amp were set with a DMM, and the amp is fed by 1/0 wire, my alt is fine, etc... Do I need to run a larger power wire to the h/u? This is the only thing I can think of that might cause this to happen. Thanks in advance for any help.