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    Noisy Whinning Sound

    Installed an Alpine 7987 Deck into a freinds car. 99 hONDA ACCORD. everything works fine. but when he turn on his headlights, he get a whinning sound. any ideas where i should start trouble shooting?? it previously had a rocksford deck in there and had no problems wat so ever. hooked up his harness to the alpine and he is gettin the whinng noise.

    Note. It only happens when the headlights goes on. I try disconnectin the illumination cable but still same problem.

    thanx for readin

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    Re: Noisy Whinning Sound

    maybe your hu is ground to your lightS?

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    Re: Noisy Whinning Sound

    Is the whinning real loud and annoying. And it just keeps going on and on and on ??? Thats easy, it's my EX-WIFE!

    OK seariously now, it might have something to do with the dimmer wire on your wiring harness. If you have the dimmer wired up you may disconnect it, that may be you problem. Good luck. Later.....

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    Re: Noisy Whinning Sound

    Try regrounding the HU to a different spot. If it's grounded thru the car's harness it could be getting a ground loop. The current drawn by the headlights causes a voltage difference in the ground system.

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