Should I run my P880PRS in pro mode? If so, how? I have a 5 channel amp by Kicker. The model number is KX700.5. The amp does about 70 watts/channel and it does 420 watts on the sub channel. My speaker set up consists of Polk Audio MoMo MMC6500 components 125 WRMS, Polk Audio db675 coaxial speakers 60 WRMS, and (1) JL Audio 12w3v2 d4 (sealed box, fires to the rear). I am looking for a full complement when it comes to sound. I want to hear every thing that is in the music. My vehicle is a QX4. It is set up for components up front so the speakers were mounted in the stock locales. The 6.75 were also mounted in the stock locales. the sub is positioned immediately behind the rear seats giving about 2 feet between it and the rear door.

Equipment inventory
Head Unit: Pioneer Premier DEH-P880PRS
Amplifier: Kicker 5-Channel KX700.5
Front: Polk Audio Components MoMo MMC6500
Rear: Polk Audio Coaxials db675
Subwoofer: JL Audio 12w3v2 d4