Hi im looking for a HU.

These are the 4 thing that i like in a HU.

1. Bugget Range $200-400
2. GUI - Ease of use (meaning you can search and find mp3 file with ease)
3. Sound Quaity and Power
4. Looks and design

Just wonder what brand of HU falls into these areas

eclipse CDA8445 - Design and look nice. Alot of People here say that this HU has the best sound quality but not sure about whether it has an option for searching MP3 files

Alpine CDA-9855 - Heard lot of bad thing about this Unit because of the GlideStrip, although you can get access to MP3 files with the folder button.

Kenwood Excelon KDC-X890- Require ACTive Voice Manger to Burn MP3 in order for search files. Dont know about this one but lower model (like the MP828) Load MP3 disc take too long

Any others? like panasonic, JVC, Pioneer, Jensen, CLarion, and etcs.