question 1.

I'm thinking of getting a Alpine PXA-H701 to go along with my IVA-D310. I have two sets of components in my front stage, a set of diamonds in the kicks, and a set of JL comps in the doors. It sounds good, but i think it could sound better. I like my music very very loud and clean. Where should i mount the PXA-H701? right next to my iva-d310 brain and connect it using ai-net cables? does it require power? if so, can i just jump off of the brain thats already there? how does it hook up? do the rca's going back to my amps connect to it, then to my amps?

question 2.

i have a set of diamond audio D6 components and a set of JL XR components running stereo off of a JL300/4. is this how i should wire them or is there another way or a better way?