Yea this question about the stupid E-iserv. This is mainly for the 8455 users but the 8445 people can chime in as well. So yea i did that auto parametric eq thing with the mic. so yea i measured it and loaded the data to the memory stick and went to the E-Iserv. so then i go to the audio customize part and click on load data and upload the file. then then thats it, the stupid e-iserv won't let me do anything else. it just stays there and says "uploaded." so then i refresh the webpage and i have to pick my deck type and my speaker setup again. so this time i go into "configuration." when i click this now i am not allowed to touch the parametric eq tab. only the time alignment and crossver tabs are available to me. i called stupid tech support and they couldn't figure it out and now they referred me to the place i bought the deck at.

so i was wondering if you 8455/8445 guys can go onto the e-iserv and go to audio customize and does it give you option to choose the parametric eq? i just wanted to try this microphone thing out since i did shell out the money. any help would be nice. thanx.