I have a RFX9220M. It is a Marine CD player/MP3 player. Out of the blue, the face quit opening to allow me to insert/remove CD's. there is a CD in there that I can't get out. My question is, is there a cheap part inside I can replace myself, or some other technique I can try without sending the CD player off? The AM/FM radio works perfectly, and when I take the CD player apart, and connect power, the motor works, but it won't push the CD out. I know the motor works inside but cannot figure out why when I put the CD player back together is wants to quit working. Nothing has happened to the player, it just quit one day. Any suggestions?

i would also like to add that when i take the player apart and remove the disc holder and add power source, the motor runs and the faceplate lowers, then when I reconnect and put the cd holder piece back inside and reconnect the power, the faceplate no longer responds.