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Reload Thread: Need a No Frills HU for less than $100

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    Need a No Frills HU for less than $100

    Recently my Blaupunkt MP3000's internal amplifier died. I need something to replace it that won't cost me too much and will last a few years until I sell my car. I have gone all out before with seperate amplifiers and all that fun stuff; now, I just want something will get me by and be reliable. I can easily do the install myself and have searched Ikesound.

    My only stipulations are that it has a rotary volume control, ability to read CDRs, and an auxilary RCA input. I would the HU to cost less than $100 with my ideal range being closer to $75 since I hardly drive more than 15 minutes at a time except my once a month trip to Phoenix that averages an hour and a half.

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    Re: Need a No Frills HU for less than $100
    No rotary knob though
    *edit* after looking again, I think it might.


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