Hi Guys,

I'm new to this forum but I have a problem. I've had this deck in my Jeep for a year and a half now and I love it.

The problem is that although the unit appears to be playing a song (either a CD or the Radio) no sound will come from it. It usually happens when I first turn on the Jeep. There is a delay before sound will come thru. It varies in timing (delay). The display shows it is tuned to a station or shows the song playing on the CD but no sound. After a few minutes, it will start sending the signal to the speakers and all is well, until you shut it off and re-start the Jeep.

The volume control has no effect on it. I've gotten used to turning the volume way down because the music usually starts randomly and scares the crap out of my wife and kids.

I have a Bazooka Amp and a sub tube connected to the line-out and that seems to work all the time, even when the deck doesn't.

Sounds like an amplifier problem to me. I've rechecked and re-connected all the wires.

Any ideas before I shop for a new one?

BTW. It is '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the Infinity Sound system. From what I'm told, the Infinity Amp only drives the front (Component) speakers.