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Reload Thread: Wierd problem w/ my new H/U

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    Wierd problem w/ my new H/U

    I just got my Kenwood kdc-x889 yesterday. Its installed and everything works (except it took me forever to figure out all the d@mn features) anyway heres the problem:

    I have my speakers playing off the H/U power currently, my speaker amp is messed up and I haven't bought a new one yet. I was listening to it at volume 35, which turns out to be max power even though it wasn't very loud, for a couple minutes, not even a full song, when it started making a loud shreeking sound, kinda like when a DJ is scratching a record. I thought it was my CD, but when I played with it, it does it when i turn the volume up and has nothing to do with the CD. Now it does it just about every time I leave the volume above 25, which is not loud at all, at lower volumes it never does it. Any ideas?
    I don't really want to return the deck, especially b/c I don't plan on running H/U power for very long, I'm just worried.

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    Re: Wierd problem w/ my new H/U

    It sounds like a faulty deck. Other than that, maybe yeah, that is all I could come up with.

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    Re: Wierd problem w/ my new H/U

    maybe the deck's amp is cliping if your underpowering your your speakers. like you said your where using an amp to power them but it's messed up

    whats the rms on each speakers?

    try using a friends amp to see if it still does it. if it still does it then return.

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