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Reload Thread: amp or HU power???

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    amp or HU power???

    I currently have 4 JL Audio TR525-CXi speakers in my 4 car doors that are powered by a 4 channel amp at about 4X75 I think. The 2 speakers in the back doors are on the floor and thus alot of sound is lost from things on the floor blocking them, so I was looking into getting 2 6X9's for back behind the headrests on the rear deck(under the back windshield). If I did this I know the 6X9's have a much higher power handling, so what setup would then be best. Would it be a big difference in sound quality if I hooked the 2 front 5.25's up to my HU (alpine 9813) amp and just run the 6X9's off the amp that is powering the speakers now? Or should I just run all 4 speakers off my eclipse amp? Thanks alot

    Also the 4 channel amp may be switched to 2 or 3 channel as well

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    Re: amp or HU power???

    Most people reguard the front speakers as much more important than the rear speakers. If you don't like what you've got now I'd start by upgrading those. Definitely don't give your speakers in the back more power than the ones in the front.

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