I've had my 9830 for about a month now, here are my thoughts on it.

1. Sound quality is good, needed some tweaking with the EQ to get it right.

2. The EQ, X-over, time correction, etc. menus are just a little confusing at first, once I worked with them for a couple of hours they are very useable.

3. The X-over is OK, I would like choices below 80hz though.

4. The CD player is the best I have ever had, sound is really good and it has never skipped, even when I was out on washboard dirt roads.

5. The display is pretty bad, the face is very reflective and the LEDs are pretty dim, this makes it really hard to read during the day. At night it looks really good, lots of colors. If your car has a bright interior or a sunroof do not get this unit, the display is unreadable in bright light.

6. Tuner seems good, but I rarely use it, mostly CDs and SAT radio for me.

7. 260$ shipped, with all install parts from Crutchfield, price to feature ratio is what sold me.

I am sending this unit back for a refund, but only because of the display, if your car has tinted windows and a dark interior then the 9830 would be a great buy.
If your car is bright inside, or has a sunroof then keep looking.