really nice deck. its probably not the greatest for you hardcore EQ and sound fans out there, but it does its job right sporting 6.5v preamp outputs... let me tell you, after hooking up this deck, i didnt have to turn the level/gain so high to get higher bass levels. i have it set halfway in the middle and its more than enough.
the motorized faceplate isnt all that great, it only moves when you want to remove the deck basically... i thought it would be like alpines where you can slant it but it doesnt.
the **** OEL deep blue face is clean as fock and the 60x4 watts as well.
i upgraded to this deck from an older pioneer cd player model which was 50x4, 2.2v, and this new deck is 5x better.
(i havent got to all the features yet as im still toggling and learning )

the pioneer deh-p8mp sells for like $400? at most stores, its a lot of money and im pretty sure you can find a better deck out there with more features and EQ's, but this receiver offers enough EQ's adjustability, sounds, customizable, and flashy (which some may not like). so if you want a deck that has enough sound options AND show, this may be the one. its very easy to use as well, i pretty much got it all within 3 days..,00.html