I installed a new system in my truck this last weekend - JL 300/2 powering MB Quart PCE 216's, JL 500/1 powering JL 10W6v2, CDT 6.5's in the rear doors, and the Clarion DXZ845MC.

The system sounds incredible - nicest sound quality I've ever heard, but I thought I'd post a review of the head unit. I bought it off a guy on ebay that sells them "buy it now" for like $205 - I think it was about $220 including shipping. Crutchfield has them on sale right now for $279.

The cool thing about this unit is it has the "Music-catcher" feature. It has an internal hard-drive that holds like 300 minutes of music. It will hold more if you go to a lower quality setting. You can only download songs from original cd's into it - not MP3 or CDRW, or radio. However, the playback is the same quality as the CD - it's incredible! If you're like me, you have a big cd carrier in your car and you like to listen to 2-3 songs from each cd - well there's enough room on the music catcher to hold 6 full cd's worth of music - that's like 2-3 songs from about 35-40 different CD's!

It also had plenty of pre-outs and also an auxillary input that you can use for an ipod. The menus are easy to use and intuitive, you can name cd's, name radio stations whatever you want, etc, and it has like 60 different color combinations (really 8 colors, with different shades of each). It has a detatchable face and a security light behind the detatchable face that you can turn on or off on one of the menus.

This unit also has a 2 zone feature which I'm not using, but which might be of benefit for a large SUV with kids. You can play two different sources in the same vehicle - for example, cd up front and a dvd or radio in the back for the kids.

The pre-outs are only 2-v, but if you have a well grounded system with no noise, that doesn't matter much. With the high quality amps and components I used, I can't hear any noise at all.

IMO this deck is a steal for $220 including shipping. The shipping is fast and the unit is brand new in the box. You can check all of the specs out at Crutchfield.com