Hey guys. Needed a deck for one of my spare cars. I looked around and being the die hard alpine fan I am, I took a long look at the 9843 deck. It looked clean in the photos, very clean and had the features I wanted for an entry level deck for it would be powering 4 speakers "two 4t pioneers and a pair of pio 6x9's in little boxes in the hatch" I originally ordered it for my impreza but after my girl saw it she would not let me have it so I ordered two and sold off the nice little JVC she had and now I have one in each car. Shipping was slow from x-sounds on ebay, took 11 days but it was worth it. I paid $154.98 shipped for it.

On to the details. This deck is simply awsome for a budget deck. Looks installed are 10x better than I expected. It is simply **** in dash. Build quaility is the same as my 9835 "tight buttons and face plate" It has a 2 band parametric eq built in with Q adjustments!!!!!! You can adjust q from 1-4 "they rate 4 as wide and 1 as narrow which is arse backwords but it's cool.

Alpine set this deck up PERFECT even for a mid level deck. You set the frequency of the bass and treble via the bass and treble buttons under the knob. Once the frequencies are set that you choose, you can adjust the bass and treble the simple old school method by pushing the knob, and it simply gives your bass level and treble level controls!!! Ah simplicity that has long been gone from alpines decks! Looks like alpine finally realized that running through 20 menu's to adjust some bass or highs on certain songs just ***** and with this deck, simplicity is bliss.

Last note on the bass and treble controls is that it is more setup for a deck and 4 combo. Bass controls are only from 60, 80, 100 and 120hz. To bad they did not let the adjustable bandwidths run lower and start in the 30hz range... The treble parametric controls are quite good but could still start more in the vocal ranges say in the 2K range. You can choose from 7.5khz, 10khz, 12.5khz and 15khz.

The deck has 1 sub output on it which you can turn on or off on the menu's. The deck is rated at 16wrms via the cea compliance program so you know your actually getting 16wrms from 20-20khz or better. Sub out states 2Vmax, who knows what the rms rating is, probably in the 1.5V range which is plenty for an entry level deck. One good note is that this baby has more than enough power for the micro 4t's in dash and thumps the 6x9's pretty darn good, allot better than I expected from any deck.

This deck will play MP3's but not wma tracks "who cares" Stick in an MP3 disk and it actually loads the disk faster than my 9835! You can set it up to scroll the name of the song and it is easy to read.

Reasons you may want the next higher model # the 9845. It playes wma's, again "who cares" but the next level up also offers an aux input which rocks and a second set of rca outs "the 9843 only has 1. The 9845 also offers bbe which I do not care about also. Another cool feature of the 9845 is that it allows you to turn off the "power ic" in simple terms, the internal amp. That allows the deck to just focus on clean sound to the rca's without any power robbing for the internal amp. None of those features I needed "the aux would be nice" so I saved some cash "about $30 worth and am happy.

Bottom line, do I reccomend this deck for the purpose of a deck and 4 or a deck and 4 with sub? You best your stinky @ss I do. It is worth every freakin penny. So sell off all the crap you have laying around in the garage, tell the girl you will get her one also if she tells ya no on the purchase and toss the 1989 jensen tape deck, then order yourself up one of these babies. You will not be sorry.

Below are images. Click on the link for a video of the deck. Caution she is a big vid, around 21mb. I do a fly by rundown of all the features of the deck and how she works. If your in the market for this kinda deck it is worth a watch!