OEL Display: The KD-AR7000 has a 256-color, photograph-quality OEL display.

Personalized Image Capture Technology (PICT): Using the supplied Image Converter (Color) software, you can produce custom images to display on the receiver's screen.
Preferred Setting Mode: By activating the Preferred Setting Mode (PSM), you can set up to 15 operational and display items, including: Demo/Link, Wallpaper, Window, Picture, Clock hour, Clock minute, Clock system (24/12 hour clock display), Scroll mode, Dimmer, Brightness, Tag display, IF filter, External input, Beep, and Amp gain.

MP3/WMA Playback: The KD-AR7000 can play MP3 and WMA files that have been recorded on CD-R and CD-RW discs. The disc must be recorded in one of the following formats: ISO 9660 Level 1/Level 2, Joliet or Romeo.

Subwoofer Output: The subwoofer output has independent level control, adjustable from 00 to 08, and a selectable low-pass crossover. You can select a cutoff frequency of Low (55 Hz), Medium (85 Hz), or High (115 Hz).

Rear Auxiliary Input: The KD-AR7000 features a set of Line Input jacks (Left and Right RCAs) on a 7" pigtail attached to the rear panel. This allows you to connect a portable CD, MP3, MiniDisc, Video Game or Computer to the receiver.

Intelligent EQ (7-Band iEQ): This model has "Hard Rock", "R&B", "Pop", "Jazz", "Dance", "Country", "Reggae", "Classic", "User 1", "User 2", "User 3", and "Flat" preset EQ curves. "User 1", "User 2", and "User 3" presets can be adjusted to your preference and stored in memory. For each User preset, you can independently adjust the following frequencies: 60Hz, 150Hz, 400Hz, 1kHz, 2.4kHz, 6kHz, and 12kHz. The level of each frequency can be adjusted from -5dB to +5dB in 1dB increments.

DSP Modes: You can choose from the following DSP modes: Theater, Hall, Club, Dome, Studio, or Voice Cancel (reduces the vocal sounds). Once a DSP mode is chosen, you can adjust the following settings to optimize performance in your vehicle:

Number of Speakers: allows you to choose if your vehicle has 2 speakers or 4 speakers
Seat Position: allows you to choose All (for all front and rear seats), Front (for both front seats), Right Front (for the front right seat), or Left Front (for the front left seat)
Car Size: if your vehicle has 4 speakers, you can choose from the following car size settings: Middle, Large, or Compact
Compression Compensative Converter: The Compression Compensative Converter eliminates jitter and ripples, achieving a drastic reduction in digital distortion. This processing can be applied to both digital and analog sources.

BBE Digital: BBE Digital adjusts the relationship between the low, mid, and high frequencies by adding a progressively longer delay time to the low and mid frequencies, so that all frequencies reach your ear at the proper time.

Source Volume Adjustment: You can adjust the input level each source to match it to the FM sound level so you will not need to adjust the volume level each time you change sources. The range of adjustment is -5 to +5. This adjustment is memorized for each source except FM.

Amplifier Gain Control: When you are using the KD-AR7000 with factory speakers (or those rated to less than 50 watts peak), the Amplifier Gain Control can limit the amount of power being sent to those speakers. When the Amp Gain Control is set to "low", the volume control ranges from 0 (minimum) to 30 (maximum). When using speakers rated higher than 50 watts peak, you can set the Amp Gain Control to "high", and the volume control will range from 0 to 50. You can also turn off the internal amplifier with this control when you are using external amplifiers for all your speakers.